Yo Reidy Reidy Yo Reidy Reidy Yo Reidy Reidy Yooooooooo…..

Two years ago today, I was at work when my wife calls and says that the baby isn’t moving but I shouldn’t worry. Before I get to that part let’s go back to the beginning. I’ve been with my lady for about 5 years now my daughter is about 3 years old and we are about to get married on March 16th, 2012. (That’s another post coming in the near future). Nevertheless, me and my wife were in Shoppers getting some food when she says, “I don’t know if I want to say anything but I think I’m pregnant”. This was about 2 weeks after the wedding so yea the big fella wasn’t playing at all. I was very excited. I did a jump kick which was strange because when I jumped in the air, I thought I would get stuck. I know the Lord was like boy you gotta warn me when you do stuff like that. See I don’t show a lot of emotion but when I do, it’s normally me being silly. So I was grinning ear to ear and embarrassing Quianna. For example, we were walking down the frozen food aisle and I was start singing, “watch out for the big girl, watch out for the big girl”. I was like Julius and she was like Beyonce’.

Since the first doctor’s appointment, we realized that this baby would be bigger than normal and somehow that is correct. Think about it, I’m 6’0 about 325 pounds and my wife is just my type because I like my girls BBW, the ones that will suck you dry then eat some lunch with you. Ass on houston, texas but face like claire huxtable…ohhhhhh.  The weird part was that my wife wasn’t gaining any weight as a matter of fact she was losing weight but the baby was getting big. Of course, they wanna put every disease on the baby. For real like why would you suggest the fetus would have hypertension aint that a bitch.

As the months move forward we were debating which sex it was and finally on the 5 month appointment we found out it was a boy. Yes score one for the big fella. The Grayson name remains in tact and I’m breeding an offensive lineman. Quianna continues to grow as well as my son, my daughter is getting excited to be a big sister. The due date is December 26 so of course we have plenty of time to get stuff like the bags packed, crib and things like that….why can’t anything be that simple?

December 17th, 2012 was a normal day. I was on my way to work. Morgan was on her way to daycare and Quianna was on her way to the doctors. It became a routine for Quianna to go to the doctor at least 4 times a week so she couldn’t wait for this baby to come out. One thing I have learned is that God hears everything so you keep talking that shit and it just might happen. But if you wanna make God laugh tell Him your plan.  Quianna’s plan was to go to the doctor’s appointment at 9 get out in time for a steak, egg and cheese bagel from McDonalds then go out to Bowie State University to go turn in her books and have lunch with Shanice. So she has already planned her first two meals of the day…that’s my girl. It’s around noon and I get a call from my wife at my desk stating that the baby isn’t moving in her stomach. I mean the baby was breathing but he got so big that Quianna’s stomach couldn’t expand anymore.  They do the first test and he isn’t moving. They give her something to eat and he starts dancing like I would back at the Dox back in 2001-2003. Then after all the food was gone he went back to sleep. That’s some typical fat shit….good ol itis.

Quianna is telling me over the phone and then she says don’t worry Sonny baby it’s ok and then she hangs up the phone. I tell my co-worker and she says you gotta go the hospital..fuck this work it will be here when you get back. I travel at warp speed to the hospital and I bust in the door.  She’s like what you doing here baby and with me not even thinking I say, ‘Nigga i’m the father aint I’. The whole room goes silent and Quianna looks at me with the crazy eyes like the black girl from Orange is the New Black.

I realized that this baby is coming today and we ain’t got shit. After the I told you so’s by my family I put on the hospital pants and ripped two smocks so I watched my son come into the world with a beater and a hairnet. Welcome to the world son and the rest will be history.