Acceptance for my Mistakes


I fall… I rise…I try/ Sometimes I deny which will cause my decline therefore let me rewind/ but I make that same mistake again each time/ I make mistakes as I misplace/ His faith with something heavier on my waist/ I live…I learn/ But when is it my turn/ I’ve been hurt but I’m alive/ I’m human that’s been proven/ By the words I was choosing/ Even if it left a bruising it was for my amusement/ Instruments like acoustic/ Left me hanging where the noose is/ Considered a troublemaker and a nuisance/ I’m not perfect but I’m thankful/ Laying my head down as I sleep hours away to recharge my body thinking it’s a routine/ But luckily today I wake up/ no longer stressing but I had to question as I resting/ why today what purpose must I serve to prevent me from feeling the burn/ or bottled up in an urn/ first thing was to say thank you for this blessing as I’m dressing for work/ while others are stressing and it hurts/ Having money only in spurts trying to expand my horizons but it burst/ but I just want to train up my child like the verse/ before it’s pitch black and I’m in a hearse/ So what’s worse/ being alive and being ungrateful or having all the faith but towards other hateful/ Never can have it all/ don’t be stagnant or stall/ just prepare to get back up if you fall/ or things stacked up against the wall/ continue to bounce back like a ball as you get made up like a doll/ for he could move the monuments that brought you nothingness but then you still kick excuses/ now your tool of incompetence has turned into your accomplishment and until you acknowledge it then you won’t acknowledge HIM/ then you wonder why you’re seldom capable of anything else/ then cry about the cards you were dealt/ and how you felt this wasn’t fair time to whip you into shape so pass the belt/ Realize with every tribulation there’s a triumph/ This aint rocket science/ just remind in compliance/ don’t indulge in defiance/ stray away from violence/ won’t hear the problems no more cause it went away in silence/ you can’t lose because there’s a valuable lesson learned that makes it even/ So continue believing/ If you fall or left in the cold you can spring back up or stay where it gets hot/ you pick the season/ Blessing for the taken so start feasting/ some for the strong some for the weaken/ some dive head first other stick their feet in/ It can be hard as the heart grieving the spirit is achieving/ stay true the whole time don’t commit treason/ gaining all the secrets but deep down you really leaving/ He’s asking for you to join His team/ some of us wet behind ears or naïve can’t see the whole thing like a hi-beam/ He has the ability to create the stability/ institute the tranquility/ but you must kneel on the mahogany like billy dee/ at times didn’t take advantage silly me/ then wondering why I didn’t get the job and it’s killing me/ now the blessing overflowing and it’s spilling see/ cause now I realize that He is willing me/ telling this to everybody especially my friends like monica, Rachel and phoebe/ Thank you for keeping me/ the first step is to start seeking He.

Definition of a Muse


In the back room playing the background/ Looking at your back now/ I salute you hats down/ Hand across the heart to hear it beat/ As I pledge allegiance that if it’s there’s a grievance/ the problem will be solved call me a genius/ I mean this not trying to be the meanest/ Just wanna make the scene serene kid/ To my lady that will be my baby having a baby growing to a lady/ Everything aint always sunny/ sometimes it’s shady/ Got a job at the plant that’s god engineering/ Don’t try to stop me why y’all interfering/ if the strength is in the hair check the beard then/ still all smiles check the dental/ Nothing permanent but this last longer than a rental/ Hit the physical softer than the mental/ Words hitting her north philly oops I meant temple/ Something so hard ended up being so simple/ Appointments made/ Payments scheduled/ Money spending/ Wedding planning/ Commands get demanding/ The surface as each purchase keeps our pockets hurting but it isn’t injured/ Maybe a little woozy or loss of equilibrium/ But try living equal to HIM/ I’ll take my chance stand firm in my stance/ Until it’s time for the 1st dance/ Preparing the family for an expansion starting after the valley mansion/ Started off with dancing/ Ending with us panting more like chanting nouns, verbs to provide a description/ with few words more sounds more grunts/ a little reckless we doing our own stunts/ But it’s intoxicating like marley and his blunts/ Got me high like an eagle/ It’s magnificent the taste is so regal/ She still tight ease up on the keegel/ I aint here to dog it out beagle/ I can feel it in the air siegel/ On cruise control to the meeting with the caterer as I cater to her/ Pick out the menu made decision/ expressed emotion but the devotion at the moment is like signing a mortgage I own it/ While others wont condone it/ People following my lead like I cloned it/ Stuck between a rock and a hard place now you stoned it/ I start it you end it intro outro/ it’s a coldplay Gwyneth paltrow/ I’m a clock watcher/ Watching the minutes tick one by one/ for a second starting at 60/ arriving so quickly/ to some I’m an elder dig me/ Powers that be are shifting/ Now it’s a hour before me becomes our/ Analyzing the change like cowher/ Freshen up take a shower/ Still can’t believe that is no longer a fantasy/ Looking past herself so no vanity/all black in control like Janet be/ It’s true… God did answer me/ Started off small like the Lancer be/ Now it’s an Altima/ no it’s not the ultimate/ but she won’t settle for the alternate/ Dressed up headed to the alter then/ The truth is/ us coming together like fusion brings reality from an illusion/ eliminating confusion/ One hand on me the other on the bible that’s what the truth is/ sweet as sugar leaving me toothless/ top down sun shining yep I’m roofless/ Here with my babe downtown like that ruth kid/ Sleeping on us let them keep snoozing/ I’m raiding companies for the big bucks like gruden/ Walking into the reception ladies first call it ruth chris/ Dashing to Stacey and still clueless/ Anyone can get married but it’s how the suit stitched/ I’m a legend and this is how the shoe fits/ toasting us with champagne let the flutes click/ glasses stained by those rouge lips/ Dancing having fun to rap or slow music/ My inspiration the definition of what a muse is/