Not a game but practice everyone practice


You see this face…No this isn’t a hashtag #nofilter, #iwokeuplikethis or whatever stupid ass hash tag you can create. No this isn’t the face of someone mugging during a pledge process. Oh shit I said too much already who the fuck am I kidding that shit dead like the rest of ill shit from yesteryear. Actually this is Geno Smith, Quarterback of the New York Jets posing for a pic on IG and you are wondering why his face looks like that. Well today in practice he got into an argument with a Linebacker put his finger in his face and in retaliation; he gets sucker punched and now has a broken jaw and will be out 6-10 weeks. I can’t wait for the rapper that puts this in a lyric.  I can see it now, “bullet make you jet to the doc like Geno smith jaw”.

Would this matter if it wasn’t the Jets? Of course it would. Who would it matter if Geno was white and smacked by a white person? Of course. This isn’t the first time this has happened this year shit this is the second time in 2 days the starting QB has been involved in a scrap with someone. Cam Newton was fighting yesterday and he just got paid 103 million over the summer. First of all, Cam you are buggin. Back in the 80’s, Jim McMahon was known for brawling so this isn’t new but with social media and all these sports shows good grief-Charlie brown voice. I can only imagine Stephen A. Smith’s response tomorrow on First Take or Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike but rest assured this will be the number one topic to discuss in the sports world.

In my opinion, these New York Jets are turning into the Bad News Bears. Where is Walter Matthau? Where is Kelly Leak? Fuck it, Where’s JA…I need someone to make sense of this.  What caused this fight remains unclear but we know one thing is for sure, Ikemefuna Enemkpali you have been cut and probably have played your last snap in your career. What’s interesting is that this guy was arrested at Louisiana Tech for assault and battery on a police officer and yet he was still drafted. And they say America ain’t forgiving unless you are Ray Rice (that’s a new post which should be coming soon).  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if I’m the star QB that wears a red jacket so I don’t get hit in practice, I’m not putting myself in danger for an altercation with a teammate especially with a LB. Did you see the amount of letters in his name? Does he look like a dude you wanna talk shit too…the man has 20 letters in his first and last name…it’s only 26 in the whole alphabet but hey I just write to have fun.

Does this incident as well as Cam Newton show a lack of leadership at the QB position for their perspective teams? Is it the QB saying don’t like this red jersey fool you, I will fuck you up, but every QB ain’t 6’5 245 with a new contract of 103 million either…so save it for Madden or just threw in an extra session in the gym but risking playing time over something in practice….not a game…but practice is truly unnecessary.

The Jets have done a lot of this offseason whether it was the returns of Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie acquiring Buster Skrine through free agency , trading for Brandon Marshall and Ryan Fitzpatrick or drafting Leonard Williams, Devin Smith and Bryce Petty but will this incident negate everything that have done so far. It will depend on the Jets’ record by the time Geno comes back. Who are his backups you might ask? They are Ryan Fitzpatrick, you know white guy with scruffy beard and Bryce Petty. To be honest, if Geno doesn’t perform well this preseason and Ryan began to flourish, Geno would have lost his job anyway so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. How many times have we seen a QB get injured and the next man out flourishes like a young man the first back from Christmas break. If I need to remind you there is Kurt Warner and Tom Brady who will both be Hall of Fame. I won’t hit the panic button yet, I mean it will be a field day for the media but you have Ryan Fitzpatrick. He reminds of a Jamal Crawford, Cuttino Mobley type of guy meaning that he can win you some games at the same time he can lose some games but you still want him on your team. He is the perfect stop gap option for the Jets right now. Who knows they may call Brett Favre? Uncle Rico? Willie Beamen? Shane Falco? Johnny Moxon?

I mean if you want to talk about some stats or QBR, Ryan Fitzpatrick QBR in 2014 was a 57 a career high by the way with Texans which is average maybe a little above whereas Geno’s QBR in 2014 had a 44 so all is not lost. This should open the eyes of many GM’s and owners as practices rage on throughout this month but thank the Lord that’s football is back.  Geno’s career has been a roller coaster to say the least but now it’s hanging on through the wire. So will he go to breakfast order some pancakes and just sip the sizzrup…because that right there would drive a grown man berserk…only Kanye knows that answer anyway.

Take care and if you are reading this thanks