A Summer to Remember


Today is September 1st and what would normally be the beginning of the end of summer is just another hot ass day in Baltimore City. It makes you wanna throw a trashcan through Sal’s Pizza Shop. This summer will be remembered for a lot of reasons:

1. In July, Baltimore had 45 murders in a month

2. Drake vs. Meek Mill

3. Bill Cosby and The Subway guy being sexually inappropriate

4. Geno Smith gets his jaw broke by his own teammate

There are many other things that occurred this summer but one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the fashion choice that John Jackson aka Fabolous made this summer by wearing jerseys. The difference with situation is that these jerseys weren’t your ordinary classic throwback jerseys; these jerseys are throwbacks from movies and sitcoms. What a way to switch the game up. I can remember being in college and wanting to spend up to 300 dollars for a jersey but my subconscious was like do you know how food you can buy with that dont do that shit.  The powder blue San Diego Chargers jersey is one of my favorites of all-time. I remember my man Rob Green had that back at Morgan State as well as some other cats that were killing the jersey game.

However, in one verse by Jay-Z it seemed like the jersey era was over with black people at least but could Fabolous singlehandedly bring it back. So far, he has been spotted in the Will Smith at Bel-Air Prep, the AC Slater, the Al Bundy from Polk High, the Neon Bondeaux from Blue Chips, Ray Finkle and Bobby Boucher. The only other person I’ve seen wear a jersey was my man Ant from Philly with the Bubba Chuck that has the custom gold NBA emblem or the New York Rangers with the strings at the top. Very fresh Ant very fresh. I can’t front when I saw Fab and the Bel-Air Prep jersey it was like, ‘what the fuck yo’, ‘hell naw where he get that from’, ‘how much is that’ It was very refreshing to see because that’s all i remember growing up was in the summertime you wore jerseys but you had to be on your P’s and Q’s because you will be called out for some fake shit. So it has to be an authentic or throwback but if all you can afford is a swingman then so be it. This got me to thinking if you could rock a jersey from a movie or sitcom what would you pick.

Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Benny ‘the Jet’ Rodriguez- Sandlot edition. Under no circumstances should this jersey be worn without the PF Flyers.

2. Benny ‘the Jet’ Rodriguez- Grown up Dodgers edition. Same principle if you don’t own the blue LA Dodgers hat.

3. Darnell Jefferson from the Program- He steals the girl and starting spot from the same dude. Mr. Steal ya shit has struck gold

4. Shane Falco from the Replacements- Left handed QB leading the ‘scabs’ to victory

5. Johnny Moxon from Varsity Blues- Wouldn’t be Varsity Blues with Billy Bob, Lance, Kilmer and Johnny Moxon

6. Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights- One the great running backs before knee injuries derailed his career but the cry scene was arguably just as memorable.

7. Sunshine from Remember the Titans- Good ol Ronnie Bass making sure Denzel stay undefeated.

8. Rudy- RUDY…..RUDY…..RUDY…..RUDY need I say more

9. Rick ‘The Wild Thing’ Vaughn from Major League- The mo-hawk, jail record, banging the enemies wife but could just throw the heater so fuck it.

10. Icebox from Little Giants- Why not one more try at the Annexation of Puerto Rico

11.Kelly Leak from the Bad News Bears- the original little league bad ass that made young jawns swoon yet piss off the other team with a swing of the bat

12. Forrest Gump Alabama jersey

13. Jackie Moon from Semi Pro- The aqua jersey while still fighting for 4th place

14. Rod Tidwell from Jerry Maguire- SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!

15. Anybody from the Mighty Ducks Series

I know there are some more…what are your thoughts? What are some of the jerseys that I left off or missed? I can imagine Fab has all of these and more and just killing us slowly but nonetheless we salute you.