Back to School Night



As I’m getting older, I begin to realize that there are certain events I will have to attend where before it would be the last thing on the mind. For example, I ate whatever I wanted with no remorse now the doctor wants me on a plant based diet and I’m in the gym 4-6 days a week. I know my wife be like, ‘son get this sweaty ass clothes the whole fuck outta here’; on the other hand I’m getting stronger which is a turn on her so winner winner chicken dinner. Another event I must attend as I get older especially with me having kids is Back to School Night.

I’m driving with my wife to school because my son Reid had Back to School Night. It’s so weird to say Reid is in school like I remember holding you like a football now you got homework. Where did the time go? The whole time I’m riding the one song that kept playing in my head was Leaders of the New School, ‘It’s Just another case of that old PTA’. Listening to teachers talk about their goals and plans for the whole school year. Back to School Night is from 5:30-730 and since we are the Graysons we arrive right on time which was 7:15 pm. I know in her mind she has repeated this summary at least 48 times so she tired and ready to go home and then you see 2 more parents. I know she was like ‘Fuck’. It’s like when you close at 9 pm and at 845 somebody comes in the store and has a cart of 100 items.

This is how it went down:

Teacher: Good evening. My name is Ms. _____ and I’m your kid’s teacher. Here’s a syllabus in which we focus on sight words, letters of the alphabet, handwriting, reading books. They say they should know 30-50 sight words by the end of the year. UHHHHHHHH that’s a little ambitious but anything is possible. We will focus on reading books and you never know, your child may be reading by the end of the year and it just warms my heart to see them learn how to read.

*Sidebar…Seeing Reid trying to read a book at home makes me look him at Matilda when she was learning how to read and I’m so excited for that because he loves to look at books and tell a story. He is his Daddy’s son*

Teacher: Oh I’m sorry what kid do I have the pleasure of teaching this year

Me: My name is Sonny and I’m Reid’s dad.

Teacher: ohhhhhhhhh Reid Grayson

In my mind I’m like here we go with the fuck shit but let me hear her out and not activate angry black man mode.

Teacher: welllllllllll Reid is Reid.

I don’t even know what that means. Shit no one knows what that means but it’s provocative and it gets the people going. Sike, I’m lying I know my son and I knew what she wanted to say but she decided to govern herself accordingly.

Teacher:  He is very pleasant and easy to get along with. Sometimes he gets up to talk to me and I can’t hear what he’s saying. He loves to be around the kids. He will play along with the kids but not with the kids and every now and again he will just get up and walk away to another table and say ‘hey kid what you doing’. However; there was this one time when I asked him a question and he responded with ‘maybe later’.

Me: ha ha ha.

Quianna stares at me with the ‘nigga is you serious face’ and my conversation is now over.

Quianna: what does he do when you tell him to sit down?

Teacher: he sits down

Me: word he listens to you. That’s a win for the big fella.

See as I have stated in previous posts we have had Reid evaluated for many things and we still haven’t received an official response so this is new old shit to me about the quirks that my son has. I know he is intelligent and he knows his stuff but if there is something going on let me know so I can get the right services for my boy. He is the last Grayson and as his predecessor my job is to set him up with everything he needs so he can succeed.  I’m glad that she is taking interest in him and his development. Before, I didn’t think too much of back to school night because my kids were young but as they get older this become more important. Let’s see how this year goes not only for my son but for my daughter Morgan then next year Hannah oh man. The last name Grayson about to be a household name in the Baltimore City Public School System.