5 Minutes of Hell

chef curry

“Fuck nigga way off/My young shooters, Steph Curry in the playoffs”- French Montana ft. Lil Durk

“Sloppy with the rock? (Nope)/Steph Curry with the shot? (Yup)” – E-40

“I been Steph Curry with the shot/Been cooking’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy”- Drake

I’ve been a sports fan since the days of learning how to read the sports section of the paper with my grandfather the late Leonard Thompson. As I am getting older I’m gaining more and more respect as well as understanding the nuances that make the game so special. In my opinion this is arguably the greatest round of NBA playoff basketball in recent memory. Whether it’s the Raptors/Heat series going into overtime 3 out of the first 4 games or the San Antonio/OKC series destined for a game 7 series to the record breaking 3 point shooting of the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Hawks but you know why I am here-Marshawn Lynch voice. I am here to talk about Steph kwon the chef and the overtime performance that can’t be duplicated even on rookie level in 2K. Steph Curry came from blood like he entered the Mortal Kombat cheat code.

Make no mistake the Portland Trailblazers are a worthy opponent especially under the leadership of Damian Lilliard. The chip on his shoulder is now a boulder and he plans to make sure y’all put some respeck with a capital K on his name. However, there’s the reigning MVP by the name of Stephen Curry who must be listening to Fat Joe on his Beats by Dre because he is going all the way up right now. Last night he provided 5 minutes of pure hell. His 5 minutes of basketball excellence if compared to anything would be the classic John Blaze song featuring Fat Joe, Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss and Raekwon. To this day you can argue who had the better verse but the collection of emcees on one track will go down in the history books. In comparison the collection of basketball players on one team will go down in the history books.

This Golden State/Portland series has been entertaining to say the least. Portland has led throughout every game of the series. They are the only team to beat Golden State twice this season. You can see the adjustments made by both coaches whether it’s Klay Thompson defending Lilliard to the substitution strategy of Terry Stotts. It all could have gone downhill for the Warriors with the ejection of Shaun Livingston in the 2nd quarter but it may have been what the doctor ordered. Stephen Curry hasn’t played in over 2 weeks as he rehabbed his knee and his performance in the beginning echoed those sentiments. A few of his shots were way off and he played hesitant. It was like he was shaking the cobwebs out of his game. Sure he had 23 points going into overtime but he only shot 2-for-13 from 3 point line.

I don’t know what was said before overtime started but once the whistle blew and the jump ball began, Steph Curry rose from the ashes like a phoenix and went full on NBA Jam mode where he couldn’t miss anything. Steph went into Super Saiyan mode and carried the Warriors on his back throughout overtime. He couldn’t miss. He was like the Prince episode from the Dave Chappelle show. Good… a three pointer good…. another three pointer…good until the final whistle where he says…Game…Warriors. Whatever uncertainly Stephen Curry had in the first 4 quarters of the game was thrown out like yesterday’s trash as he put the sports world on notice that the MVP for the second time in 2 years is back and in full effect. His performance gave Golden State that confidence that were missing for the past few weeks. The Warriors are still a cut above the rest of the league but without Steph and a perfect game from the other team the Warriors could be beat. However, Steph turned into the dire wolf from Game of Thrones as he protected a once wounded and vulnerable team and nursed it back to health while striking fear into its opponent. Has the mental state of the Trailblazers been destroyed? How will Lilliard response in Game 5? How will the Trailblazers compete in Game 5? Only time will tell but what I do know is time waits for no one and Steph Curry is letting y’all know that his time is now. You better get down or lay down and if you lay down you stay down cause we don’t play round.


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