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There’s nothing like supporting a brother in an endeavor when you are allowed to see his vision in the purest form. 

One of the worst stereotypes out there in this world is being a dad. Whether it’s Target putting out Baby Daddy cards or people wishing women Happy Fathers Day which is on some nut shit for real. Let’s get one thing straight, are there deadbeats dad out here yes but because the reciprocal sacrifice for the child isn’t present doesn’t make a women a father. Unfortunately, the woman has to compromise more and do more with less and prayerfully her relationship with a higher power is strengthened because it is all on her to provide for that child. Fathers come in different shades and varieties. Yea, I have a biological father who has been present from day one but they are plenty of men who have shaped me to become the man I am today. 

This weekend I attended the Father your Sons event created by my main Ant. See I known this guy for 17 years and to see the development and growth is what being a man is all about. It was good to see men and children brought together through the love of basketball. It was an event that let men know they are appreciated. As soon as you walk in the door there’s the raffle for a pair of Jordan’s which may not be a big deal for some but for me it was epic. See I didn’t get my first pair of Jordan’s until I was 32 years old as a gift for my wife. Growing up I didn’t have the luxury of being able to afford quality shoes like that and to bless someone else with that opportunity shouldn’t go unnoticed. It had the vibes of a good time. Whether it was the smell of burnt hot dogs, the opening of countless Gatorade and water bottles, to the pre game trash talking amongst men this is the beginning of something special. Not to mention there is an artist named Antonio Moore (if you know you know) live painting with the ease that only a Steph curry three pointer can emulate. To see a lot of these guys from my days as a Morgan man transition into another part of their journey is what life is all about. The handshakes, the laughter, the stories and at the same time your kid looks in amazement as they stand there like ‘you know this guy dad, you sure know a lot of people’.

But we know why we are here-Marshawn Lynch voice. We are here to see fathers live out their hoop dreams even if it is only for two hours. I know Arthur Agee and William Gates are tipping their fitteds to these men right now.  Watching this game gave me the vibe of an old Morgan State intramural game back in the day and for my son to take interest in the game is very exciting. I have my limitations with basketball; however, if you need a good screen and roll I’m your guy. Seeing men in various occupations put their basketball talents on display just shows how sports and fatherhood go together. 

This is an event that has the potential to be special and to see from the beginning stages to what it can become is what we call poetry in motion. Who knows this could become another Boo Williams or another Sonny Hill classic (see what I did there Ant with the Philly reference). It takes a village to raise a child and this village is getting stronger by the day. Salute to all those involved in this event and we as men need to continue to support these brothers and their endeavors. Right now there is no ticker tape parade, endorsement deals or anything like that just another diaper to change or a lesson to teach. But what these fathers and sons don’t know is that they are a part of something that can change lives and reveal greatness. Greatness no matter how brief it is sticks with a man forever. Every man wants a second chance but these fathers live it. Gentleman in this game called fatherhood it is a pleasure to go to war with you against the enemy for this is a game we will not lose. 

*tips fitted and put son in his seat in my minivan just to blast rick ross* 


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