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When you first get that invite to join a Fantasy league whether it’s for money or not, your main goal is to become a fantasy football legend. Even though this is fantasy football we’re talking about nothing worse then beating your friend in anything. Think about all the Madden, 2K arguments that commenced only to be squashed after having some pizza, bud and some yak. Well tonight starts the 2014 season and now you get to set those picks you were plotting on like a piece of new pussy. Ladies, for some this is a trying time as the attention your man once showered you with is now filled with yelling, eyes glued to the TV and not caring whether you are alive or not.  There are some men that are thinking ‘wait a minute you had me watch all the love and hip hop, real housewives of every city, keeping up the kardashians and yet you complaining when I watch football as my AI brothers would say, BIIITTTTTTTTTCHHH please.’ I would never say that but that’s just me. For others this is your time to strut your stuff and let your man know that I can play this game too. That could make the relationship interesting if you know what I mean. While, it may put a strain on a relationship which it never should but if it gets close, ladies you know what you have to do. Don’t get me wrong there will always be times where we wish you were around. Ain’t nothing like getting some real booty after a fantasy win.

Is it as simple as 1-2-3 or is it as real as it gets-jeezy voice. Welcome to the season of trash talk, endless trades, endless fuck ups and rooting for players on teams you can’t stand. Sure, you can just leave your lineup the way it is as it filled in those respective slots from draft night or you can begin your GM career starting in Week 1. There are some games that should be high scoring such as Dallas/San Fran, New Orleans/Atlanta or Indianapolis/Denver. There are players for those teams that will go ham and make the computer freeze up. Why such a powerful machine as a computer always freezes up during a score check in fantasy football. Could someone from silicon valley fix that? There are also some games that will be ugly like Wanda from In Living Color but could provide some value such as Cleveland/Pittsburgh, Baltimore/Cincinnati and Carolina/Tampa Bay.

This is where your overanalyzing, scenario thinking, what if this happens and ridiculous prayers to the Lord occurs. For example someone is praying for Peyton Manning to throw for 600 yards and 10 TD’s in one game or even worse praying for someone to get injured. If you are one of those guys, I hope you lose every game by a lot wishing an injury on someone what’s the matter with you. This is where you go to church just to tell the preacher cut the sermon short because the game starts at 1 or you go to the next step and watch church on BET or a re-run of Sunday’s best then at 1 let the real drama begins.  This is where you hold your phone like a woman holds a clutch purse waiting on updates on scores and games.

Under most circumstances you never want to bench a superstar especially if you pick them early in the draft. But, if there is one game that might challenge that it’s tonight game where Green Bay plays Seattle in Seattle for that matter. It’s going to be louder than any concert known to man. These are the decisions that validate your skills as a fantasy GM. Should you bench Aaron Rodgers or Eddie Lacy against the Legion of Boom? Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy were probably first no later than second round picks in your draft. Would you even consider it? If you do bench him, what backup do you have that would take his place. In my opinion I wouldn’t bench either player, even though it’s Seattle’s defense they had some turnover from the Super Bowl team; Aaron Rodgers is healthy with a workhorse running back in Eddie Lacy. Eddie Lacy can provide some relief which will create some opportunities for Aaron Rodgers. Will Aaron throw for 400 and 4 TD’s probably not but unless you got someone like Jay Cutler, Tony Romo or Colin Kaepernick as a backup I don’t see how you could even consider this move. But this week as well as others will keep us in suspense like a Scandal episode.  This is week 1 of the 2014 season and if it’s as interesting as I think this could be, the NFL is its own reality show. It’s not how you play the game but it’s how you set the lineup.

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