Father Time



Being a father of multiple kids, I have learned that parenting is challenging because you can’t parent each kid the same. Each kid has a different personality and my methods of discipline vary. They present qualities that make them unique and watching them grow is a joy and it’s hilarious when y’all interact with each other. Morgan, Reid and Hannah y’all have helped me become the father I am. Thanks yo….

Morgan- I was a young man struggling to find myself but you gave me the chance to redeem myself. I was only 25 and I just left Giant baking cookies and croissants to working part time at the League for People with Disabilities. I can’t lie I was nervous as hell. I thought your mom has diabetes because she said her feet were swelling.

Quianna: look at my feet Sonny they look swollen. They don’t look like the hamburger helper glove to you

Sonny: naw they more like thanksgiving yams for real. I mean you should go to the doctor, you might have diabetes for real. 

I couldn’t imagine being a father. I can remember your mom said her stomach was hurting and I was like ‘well we just went to Golden Corral so you probably gotta doo-doo” but in all actuality she was pregnant with you and I had to realign myself with the Almighty in order to be the best father I can possibly be. Times were rough living in the basement of your grandmothers house and still being young but your face and watching you grow up is what makes me work so hard in the first place. I have to be the best example possibly but when you get older I will embarrass you in front of your friends when you try to play me.  I love the fact that you get mad when I leave to go to the gym because you always call me Mr. incredible and that makes me feel good. One of my main objectives is to make sure that you realize that you can be loved by a man where no sex is allowed. 

Reid- I remember the day like it was yesterday when I found out she was pregnant with you. We were in shoppers looking for food and she told me she was pregnant. The year was 2012 and we also had an earthquake that year. It was caused by me because when I jumped I got stuck. Me and gravity were fighting and after awhile, gravity said you got it big fella. I was excited because before you were born, I was the last man in my family so for you to be the heir apparent made me excited and it gives me a chance to resurrect the Grayson name. You are a boy’s boy. You love to play hang out with dad and always make sure I’m careful when I go to the gym. You make sure I take care of your mom even though at times you think that’s your woman that’s my women, You are Jody and I’m Melvin you got that baby boy. I know you will be a smart, overprotective brother to all your siblings. You will be as great as you can be and I can’t wait to see this journey.

Hannah- if you were one of the incredible kids you would definitely be jack jack. You came into the world screaming and as of last night at 3 am you are still hollering Hannah. You are the ambassador of the sour patch kids but you’re so energetic and your personality is definitely better than mine when it comes to meeting people. You will speak to any and everyone and get mad when they don’t speak back. I remember your mother was trying to go to doctor for a sinus infection and the doctor asked her: 

Doctor: when was your last period 

Quianna: shit I don’t even know for real

Doctor: let’s take a pregnancy test to make sure you aren’t pregnant first 

Quianna: yea aight I ain’t pregnant 

*takes test*

Dentist: “well Mrs. Grayson you gonna have to wait at least a year because you are pregnant

Quianna: “what the fuck”

Quianna then calls me at work. 

Quianna: hey baby how you doing 

Me: you extra chipper you must be doped up from getting that tooth pulled

Quianna: well about the tooth 

Me: what it’s more teeth they have to take out. Man oh man we going to doctor Miami to get you a new mouth with this year taxes 

Quianna: well they didn’t take the tooth out because I’m pregnant. 

Me: let me hit you back yo. 

For the record I did call back when I got to my car in about 3 minutes but I got leaned on harder than ms. Tobias did joe Clarke on lean on me. 

Josiah-for the past few years your mother and I have debating on whether or not we wanted more children. See I wanted another boy if I was unsuccessful and had 3 daughters that would be nuts. Too much estrogen for me buddy. It was always in the back of my mind that I willing to do one more child but I just didn’t want to be 39 or 40 with a newborn but as Drake would say…’god’s plan…gods plan’. Your mother would say it’s either a dog or a baby. Personally I would take a baby any day because at least I can understand what you saying. So my wife planned to go to Jamaica with her Linesisters all by herself in a foreign island with no man unless they look like Winston from how Stella got her groove back. Fuck that you thought you wasn’t gonna see me. I’m the Osiris of this shit. Sonny gang is here forever motherfucker-ODB voice. With the way technology is I can track when she could be pregnant so we can better plan for you. Imagine you thought you knew your girls cycle then boom she pregnant again. A popular scripture I will enstill in you and your siblings is Proverbs Chapter 3:5-6, “trust in the Lord  with all thy heart and lean not unto your own understanding”. 

Last but not least I want to thank my wife Quianna for being the vessel to carrying all of Sonny’s kids. 

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