First things first Rest in Peace Uncle Phil




‘First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil
For real, you the only father that I ever knew
I get my bitch pregnant I’ma be a better you’- J Cole- No Role Modelz
J Cole echoes the same sentiments a lot of kids faced growing up without a father and how they would run to a TV screen to see how a father was supposed to act. We studied them, follow their moves, repeated their stories with the hopes that one day we will replace and hopefully the cycle would continue. As a kid, I would watch TV and compare the fathers on TV to my dad. I remember getting bad grades one time and showing them to my father hoping that it would just be a speech like Heathcliffe Huxtable would do but this is reality and I got the James Evans scolding times 10 followed by the belt and some swift hands to the gut. It isn’t until now that I realize that those were sitcoms and after 30 minutes we go back to reality and deal with the father that our Father gifted us with. At times you wish James Evans or Uncle Phil was your father but always be thankful for the father that you have. To be honest some of these TV figures served as fathers to those that have absentee fathers. I remember watching Lean on Me when everyone wanted to bash Joe Clarke and a girl said, “Mr. Clarke is more than a principal he’s a father to us”, that’s the same we feel about the fathers we saw on the TV sitcoms. I know they say we put too much on emphasis on TV but some of the TV programs that we watched brought us some of the best examples of fatherhood and to this day can be used in our everyday life. It feels great to hug my son when he’s crying like Uncle Phil hugged Will after his dad played him. It’s moments like this that lets me know that even though I’m a father that has a lot to teach myself there are others that depend on my knowledge to help them prosper in such a wicked world.
There have been great black fathers on TV since the beginning of TV whether it was Fred Sanford (Sanford and son), George Jefferson (The Jefferson’s) to Lester Jenkins (227), Carl Winslow (Family Matters) and many others… If you had to pick your Mount Rushmore or in layman’s terms you’re top 4 who would you pick.
Black Fathers to consider in your decision:
Dr. Huxtable-The Cosby Show
James Evans- Good Times
Fred Sanford- Sanford and Son
Raymond Campbell- Sister Sister
Frank Mitchell- Moesha
Carl Winslow- Family Matters
Michael Kyle Sr. – My Wife and Kids
Uncle Phil- Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Lester Jenkins- 227
Pops- The Wayans Brother
Robert Peterson- The Parenthood
Julius- Everybody Hates Chris
Anthony Anderson- Blackish
Terrance Howard- Empire

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