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It’s about 5 pm Eastern time and folks are getting ready to go home from work and begin their second job while others have been glued to ESPN all day because tonight is the NFL Draft. It’s been nonstop coverage throughout all sorts of sports media in recent weeks especially with the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles trading twice to get the number 2 pick in the draft. It is safe to assume that those teams will be picking quarterbacks with the first 2 picks but what about the rest of the teams. I can only imagine what could be going on in a potential draft pick mind these days. For starters you want to have on the right suit and give Roger Goodell the blackest of handshakes. If I get drafted I want all the draft picks to enter the stage on the ‘A Milli’ instrumental because all of them picked today will be instant millionaires.
All the practices and injuries and concussions now come down with this saying…”and with the 1st pick of the draft, the Los Angeles Rams select…” Dreams for these men will reach a pivotal point because in essence the real work is just beginning. There is another side to this game called football that has changed dreams to nightmares. In my book anybody that goes from a meal plan to a meal ticket is a winner in my book.
With every draft come the endless mock drafts and draft specials and Gruden’s QB Camp and other programs to educate us on the upcoming draft picks and how they can benefit your perspective team. To be honest today is the only day that we as the fans of NFL can attempt to play GM and enter the role of a person who can single handedly make a franchise succeed or fail. Fortune favors the bold and the victor goes the spoils or whatever go hard statement you can think at this moment as the NFL Draft is only a few hours away.
Well Matt Miller, Todd McShay, Mel Kiper and others have made a mock draft so it’s only fitting that Sonny McKiper-Shay makes a final mock draft. I’m only doing the top ten because quite frankly I actually want you to read this and provide commentary.
NFL Draft 2016-
1. Los Angeles Rams- QB Jared Goff
In my honest opinion is this guy worth 22 million guaranteed and the franchise giving up multiple picks over the next few years…No. There are no Andrew Luck’s in this draft but let’s not forget they dogged Russell Wilson and you see how that’s turning out so I can’t be mad at a GM swinging for the fences especially if he thinks that they have the QB that can be a franchise QB. You don’t get those every year but if this fails then everybody is fired.
2. Philadelphia Eagles- QB Carson Wentz
Another person that falls under the comments I just wrote about the Los Angeles Rams and yet I commend Philly for taking a chance but good grief you’ve been gambling on players for a long time and with little team (i.e. The Dream Team 2012, Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford) but I think you may have also gained a franchise QB and the same shit goes for you too if this fails then everyone is fired.
3. San Diego Chargers- CB Jalen Ramsey
This is where the draft begins to take its true form because this team can go in multiple directions. You can get a LT to protect Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon or someone on the defensive end to provide a spark that left when Eric Weddle decided to join the Ravens. In this case I would go with arguably the best player in the draft and that guy is Jalen Ramsey.
4. Dallas Cowboys- RB Ezekiel Elliot
I know running backs don’t go this high anymore especially with the shelf life that’s associated with running backs but with offensive line anyone can gain 1000 yards and why not give Tony Romo as many options as he can handle since these are the last years of him being an effective quarterback. Dallas can go a number of directions especially on the defensive side of the ball but this is Jerry Jones we are talking about so anything is possible.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Joey  Bosa
Jacksonville is slowly becoming a team that can make some serious noise. With the offseason acquisitions of Malik Jackson this year and Julius Thomas last and arguably the best receiving duo in the league with the Allen Brothers why not improve on defense. You have a defensive coach in Gus Bradley and why not pair Dante Fowler with another explosive DE in Joey Bosa. Watch out for this team.
6. Baltimore Ravens- OT Laremy Tunsil
This is a win for the Ravens if this scenario plays out because Eugene Monroe is getting older and is very injury prone and you have to protect the man you are paying 20 million a year so why not with the best offensive tackle prospect in the draft. Recently, he has been in the news for an altercation involving his step father and how it may impact him in a negative way. Me personally I want an offensive lineman that ain’t afraid to throw them hands so bring him to the Ravens.
7. San Francisco 49ers- OT Ronnie Stanley
You’ve paid Colin Kapernick 12.6 million already so you might as well play him. You know what type of quarterback he is so you might as well protect him and Ronnie Stanley fits the bill. A polish offensive lineman that can play multiple positions should be a day 1 starter on a Chip Kelly team that will probably run the ball a lot.
8. Cleveland Browns- DE DeForest Buckner
Let’s face it the Cleveland Browns are being guided by a 12 year old kid who simulates seasons at a time on Madden. The amount of draft picks that they have botched over the league is mind boggling. Nevertheless, Cleveland has a defense that has been able to compete so why not add another piece to a good defense in Buckner. Godspeed my friend

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Rob Green sike I’m playing CB Vernon Hargreaves III
Tampa Bay is definitely on the rise especially with Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson but their defense is getting better as well. In the division that have some good receivers you will need a good corner to help keep the defense off the field. Insert Hargreaves and you have a good foundation.
10. New York Giants- WR Laquon Treadwell
I know I know a receiver but think about it. Redskins just got Josh Norman. Dallas could get Jalen Ramsey so why not add offensive power to that equation. Imagine a healthy Victor Cruz with OBJ and now add Treadwell to the equation with Larry Donnell at tight end. Maybe Eli Manning won’t be making that stupid ass face he makes every time he does something crazy.
I know this is a mock draft and it could go in many different directions but until Friday April 29th, 2016 I am GM Sonny Brasco.
Welcome to the NFL gentleman.

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