I got a job…

new job

I got a job/ I can provide for my family/ it’s for the betterment/ No longer in the tentament/ something old and new like a testament/ here a scantron and a pencil let see how the testing went/ Everything is great/ pep in my step/gone til November like Wyclef/ doing great can’t digress/ that’s my mindset/ out the hood now you scream God is good/When before it was how good is God/ was it a façade since you can’t see him like a mirage/ but he pieces everything up like a collage/Had a uniform for Bethlehem Steel/ odd name since it made steel for weapons and Bethlehem the place known for peace/ Asked for a promotion then they said peace/ This is a depiction of someone getting the pink slippin/ close to an eviction/ attitude start switching/ services you start skipping/ falling for anything straight trippin/ at one point you were maxed in/ now you half of that like a fraction/ do you take all those words back like a retraction/ was all of this taxin/ We are like job/ but will we have the composure when things get slow/ or will we be an ostrich and keep our head held low/ It’s easy when things go wrong in which your morals you’ll forget/ but what if he forfeit/ won’t protect your fortress/ now your house is not a home no mortgage/ cold like the morgue gets/ We’re not perfect so we’ll make our errors out of terror or judgment/ especially when your wife is at the store and goes over budget/ I thought you said it was only for shampoo/ then she says it was Walmart/ how much you spend you know around 2/ around 2 you know the mortgage due and after tithing we’re through/ that’s when God assembles his crew/ you know a select few as they select you more like test you / cause he wont leave you on the strip like stores in westview/ Sure you may be late on a bill/ til you next payment/ then you hit the lights and wayment/ no cut off from BGE/ now I don’t have to BEG/ now that’s a BET/ might even buy something on cable you know a PPV/ close my eyes in my own BED/ see at first you think your work is just from 9-5/ but the real work is remembering what your worth/ remember proverbs chapter 3 5-6th verse/ trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding/ your own understanding can leave you six feet under while the rest standing/ Face it we can be clueless/ better yet a nuisance/ but you’re never useless/ but you already knew this/ because God is stuck to us like how glue gets/ at times when it should be about forgiveness/ you’re like forget this/ then remember who you do it for…now get this/ Jehovah isn’t the only witness/ for those that are witless you better not miss this/ or a man with a shovel will say dig this

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