Kids say the Darnedest Things


Around 5-5:30 pm every day during the week, I pick up my daughter from school and we cruise to the city to pick up my son. The weather is getting better so more sights to see which means more questions by the little one. Normally, my son is gutted while I’m driving so it’s just me and Morgan talking about life well at least as she see it. So I’m on the corner of Greenmount and 25th waiting on the light to change jamming to some music when I hear my daughter say ‘Why is that man sleeping standing up?’. I said Morgan what you talking about homie. She repeated it then I saw a man on the corner dope fiend leaning. Now my daughter is asking me questions like ‘How is he doing that?, Daddy, I thought you need a bed and a pillow. Have you done that before Daddy. He needs a nap daddy’ I was thinking of the best approach because she is only 5 so she really won’t understand but it has opened her eyes to something like she hasn’t seen before. I said ‘Morgan, main man tired fa real and he couldn’t wait to get home but just know you will never do that, there is always a bed and pillow for you baby girl’. Morgan says ‘thanks daddy and can I hear that song again’. The song that was playing ironically was called ‘Move that Dope’. I can tell she was glued to the window to see what else she could see.

So we get home, I’m fixing her dinner helping her with her homework you know the normal Sonny routine when my wife comes home. Her steps become heavier as the baby grows every day. Quianna in advance I’m saying sorry because we breed some big ass kids. 8 pounds and up gang stand up. But, Quianna and Morgan are talking and of course Morgan says ‘Mommy, guess what I saw today… a man sleeping standing up have you done that before.’ The world stops even Reid woke up like awww shit. My wife face said it all. She was confused but had to remember the area where we live and shit like this happens every day B. Quianna sends Morgan upstairs and as soon as she hit the final step she turned to me with disgust and said ‘Sonny, keep my daughter innocent. The last time we had a conversation it was about butterflies not dope fiend leaning’. My first though was like ‘I aint even do shit why you buggin but since she pregnant I let it ride but on Greenmount those are just some of the things you see. Some of it may be my fault because growing up over West, my grandfather would drive me thru all hoods like Pennsylvania and Gold, McCulloh Homes, Murphy Homes, Lexington Terrace just to show how blessed I am and you could end up here if you don’t act right. I saw the hookers, hand to hand drug deals, fights, dice games anything you name it I saw it. I can’t front when Morgan is of age I will do the same she needs to know that everything that glitters aint gold. I know Morgan didn’t mean to try to get me in trouble but I can understand Quianna’s frustration. You know you work hard to get your kids out of every possible bad situation and yet it still happens. I look at those bad scenarios as teachable moments. Bad things happen to good people all the time going back to the Bible. You can ask God, ‘Why me’ and I can see Him responding back ‘Why not you’. Kids will humble you, make you laugh but they will always say the darnedest things.

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