Minivan’s: A Necessary Evil

Nothing like going to a dealership negotiating a deal and leaving with a new car. It’s like you just won a challenge on Price is Right. You’re excited. Not a care in the world and you ready to cruise the streets. Do you feel the same way if that new vehicle is a minivan? See, this is the dilemma that’s plaguing my family right now. As you may know my wife is pregnant with our 3rd child and her Nissan Altima isn’t practical for that type of family. First and foremost wanna thank the Lord for blessing with me 3 kids and also the ability to even think buying another car. Could it be done without a minivan sure but the way my weight is set up, it wouldn’t be comfortable at all. I can see Reid popping Morgan, Morgan crying the whole ride, the new baby hungry and wet and like all parents did while driving reach their hand back until they found some body part and start hitting.

There are pros and cons to this purchase. One pro is that there’s a DVD player, navigation, backup camera and spacing for the kids. But the con as my wife would say ‘It’s a minivan, Sonny. Can you imagine pulling up somewhere else valeting the damn Mystery Machine? Is it Scooby snacks in the back? Are we going solve crimes after dinner? How am I a soccer mom and my kids don’t even play soccer. How about another SUV’ Sure that sounds good in theory because I don’t want her driving my truck to the ground because she don’t want to be in a minivan. But in this case this is why a minivan is a necessary evil. It’s necessary because it accommodates all of our needs but the thought of us driving one is evil. Any cool points we thought we had left goes straight to Hell as soon as we pull off the lot. Sure we’ll get the ‘oh this is nice’ comments at first but about 10 minutes later someone will say ‘yo got a minivan fa real.

I can only imagine my friends’ reaction, the jokes will not stop. Luckily, I’m nice with the counter like Mayweather and can make it entertaining for all. My only thought is driving somewhere and the kids getting on my last nerve right when I’m about to turn into the Incredible Hulk begin to realize, ‘hey I got a DVD player here kids watch Wreck-it –Ralph and shut the hell up’ The SUV could be a viable option only if it had the same requirements as the minivan because the way my wife’s height and short arms is set up, I will be the only taking the kids in and out the car seats, basically I will be the ‘put your big ass kids in the car guy’ and quite frankly I don’t wanna do that shit. As I’m getting older, I realized the old Sonny you know the one cutting a rug at all the clubs just being on the scene is just a distant memory but damn I had a good time. Now I’m evolving into another person. A father, a practical human being where cooking on the grill is like heaven instead of bouncing butts in my face. Don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing but now I look at them like LORD please don’t let my daughters even come close to that. If a minivan has to be purchased can it be at least a cool minivan or is a cool minivan an oxymoron. I understand my wife’s viewpoints; it’s the transition we as parents want to avoid like the black plague but once it’s becomes airborne it’s too late. Off to the dealership or nah??? What are your thoughts about a minivan? Do you have a minivan? Is a minivan a necessary evil?

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