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lebron and kevin

Kevin Love right now must feel like Zach Morris when he finally bags Kelly Kapowski. After threats, speculation and endless hours of NBA coverage, Kevin Love has been tentatively traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a 2015 protected first round pick. I say tentatively because if Golden State says you can have Klay Thompson, I can see this trade not working at all. I have been in my GroupMe discussing this potential trade all day and one thing that I keep hearing is that ‘Kevin Love won’t produce 26 and 12 with Cleveland. He is third string to Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. He’s the white Chris Bosh. He’s a top player and he hasn’t been to the playoffs’ Granted, for all the individual numbers, Kevin is not a great defender, a winner or a team guy. His winning percentage is abysmal and according to Ricky Rubio his fellow teammate, ‘he isn’t a team leader in the locker room’ Right now, Kevin Love is looking like a light skin jawn in the sense that they don’t text you back, they don’t really need you and that they can act like a total bitch but at the same time still the top commodity to the majority of men. Is Kevin Love the light skin jawn of the NBA?

Will the presence of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and others prove that Kevin will turn into a different player or do we need Dennis Green back to the podium, ‘because he was what he thought he was and we let him off the hook’. Will Kevin Love delete all memories of Jim Mora and his infamous ‘Playoffs’ rant or is it back to the same old shit. Nevertheless, there will be tons of attention thrown at the Cavaliers this season and Kevin Love will be given plenty of opportunities to change the negative perception that’s associated with him today. Kevin won’t have to be the guy in Cleveland like he was in Minnesota. Can this team be like the elevated version of the 2004 Pistons or will they be like the Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton. Remember, LeBron in Cleveland still produced 60 wins seasons and even made a trip to the NBA Finals with players like Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison, Ilgauskas and others so let’s hope they play better defense though. For as many sick crossovers Kyrie has done, he has also played defense like Manti Te’o against Alabama in the championship.

Kevin Love is at his best playing defense when he is trying to box some out which would create a chance for a rebound which creates a chance to pad the stats so his love for his personal stats (see what I did there) has to be changed in order for this experiment to be successful. He has to become a better leader in all facets but is Kevin Love just going to be that guy all for self or will he have an epiphany? Face it in order for Minnesota to start the process of winning they have to get rid of Kevin. Also, Kevin will be faced with love and hate at the same time. It’s like the skit from Katt Williams comedy show when he said, ‘this city is the prettiest, sexiest, dirtiest, nastiest city ever’. Now, Kevin is the newest cast member of the daily soap, As LeBron Runs.

Depending on how Kevin handles himself in Cleveland will determine the reaction he will receive. Forming this big 3 wasn’t as easy as expected therefore the expectations won’t be low. David Blatt has walked into a nice situation and for all his accolades that he has received overseas, he has an integral part in facilitating this team. This is his days at Princeton all over again. From this potential Big 3 in conjunction with LeBron’s weight loss, Kevin will have to become a better defender not just for rebounds but in the post. What Kevin was doing might have been good if you had him on your fantasy basketball team but as Nino Brown would say, this is bigger than Kevin Love baby. The Cavaliers are going to need him not just in the Finals if they make it there but against teams in the Eastern Conference. On paper they look like the best team but let’s not forget the frontcourt players in Chicago, Charlotte, Washington and Atlanta. He will be up against players like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Al Jefferson, Marcin Gortat, Paul Millsap and Al Horford. Those guys can expose the chink in his armor and make Cleveland more of a pretender than those stacks of money Soulja Boy was holding. One of the biggest challenges is how can Kevin be more of a better defender. Bad enough Kyrie Irving isn’t a good defender in the perimeter you can’t add another shitty defender in the post that means LeBron is going to have to do it all like Michael Jordan did in the first half against the Monstars. At one moment Kevin Love could have blamed this on how upper management for drafting 3 PG’s in one draft or lack of free agent acquisitions but now he can’t say anything. It’s put up or shut up. It will be interesting to see how Kyrie and Kevin adjust to the bright lights because Cleveland was on TV only two times last year, I think in the first week they will televise 4 times. It’s not about the numbers with those two it will be the little things, it will be the small adjustments that will make this team reach the zenith that only someone playing on the rookie level of 2K15 can reach.

Kevin has never made the playoffs which means his teams have yet to have a winning percentage so all the focus can’t be on upper management. Love may get double-double every night but he never requires a double team and teams aren’t afraid of him in the final moments. His stats placed him in the top 5 but his intangibles place him a lot lower now it’s time to diversify your portfolio and throw those W’s up. It’s obvious Kevin is a major talent and he will be paid like it with his next deal so now it’s up to Kevin to act like it as well. Hopefully he doesn’t do the Dwight Howard where he was supposed to create instant chips with Nash, Gasol and Kobe and instead created a media headache. Can this tandem of Love and Irving grow old together or will it last as long as the Uncle Drew commercials?  If Kevin wants to be the Great White Hope instead of the Great White Hype, the time is now to get right or will be on his Young Jeezy and say it’s all about me ok.

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