I’m doing something a little different…I’ve been writing off and on for quite some time now. Plus, I need to diversify my bonds nigga (GZA voice)


Waking up in the morning standing in the mirror/ looking at my reflection as I ‘m reflecting/ reliving last night with no recollection/ probably filled with deception/ thanking the lord for another blessing/ just know these mistakes we’ll be addressing/ from your adolescence until you learn your lesson/on your knees confessing/ How good I am? / But I’m living life backwards so am I good/ those are thoughts running through my mind/ as I grind to stay  forward but I still fall behind/ the 8 ball gravitating to the corner looking to pocket money/ despite the cries don’t do it sonny/ then He speaks/ he presents me an opportunity/ to trust in Him even though I opt to scrutiny/ non believers asking who is HE/ just trying to survive so will it be you or me/ I embody all similarities to whom he saved/ whether it’s lazarus who he raised from the dead/ or david hitting goliath in his head/ didn’t have the strength to swim so instead teach me to tread/ if you don’t think you can get past that think about Meshach, abed-nego and shadrach/ sitting in a furnace/ the fire increasing 7 times over/ right when you think it’s over/ there’s someone over your shoulder/ you yelling holy smoke is this the holy ghost/ HE just whispers hold me close/ that’s when the Lord flourish/ with HIS emergence for his servant/ in every occurrence because we didn’t obey the serpent/  there was no cohersion no deterrent/ to keep us clean like detergent/ready for war like an insurgent/ hearing our cries in service/ providing us a message in sermon that will encourage/ you ever pray for something and you get nothing/ begin to wonder if God was bluffing/ you get to fighting and fussing/ only calling out God’s name when you cussing/ but in that moment of weakness aka suffering/ there are 3 things to consider in that discussion/ suffering is temporary, educational and beneficial/ so do you praise the Lord because he’s benefical or cause he’s been official/ time and time it have been proven/ that even when you losing/ he’s the one for choosing/ This is no fiction all fact/ when we got saved we made a pact/ that we must stay in tact/ even when we fade to black/ and there’s that casket/ with a flower basket/ slow singing of spirituals/ a eulogy with remarks which is just a restart of the life everlasting/ as life is forever passing/ but in this New place there is no rowhouse/ or condos/ you’re not a stranger no john doe /or apartments/ your new mansion one room is bigger than apartment/ reuniting with people that have been a part since/ we meet Lord/ as the music from the chord sounds a reward let the angels know one more is about to soar/ we will be persecuted even persuaded to betray it when we feel jaded/ but remember his love never faded/ so it’s your turn to live off his word/ because you never left to die your left to preserve

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