Sports Documentaries

I know I am only 30 years old and there are plenty of sports events that I’ve missed in my lifetime, for example Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points, the Celtics Dynasty of the 60’s, the John Wooden days but I am thankful for sports documentaries that allow to see where my desire for sports come from. Whether it’s ESPN Sportscentury, ESPN 30 for 30, ESPN Films, or any documentary on premium cable (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) this series of documentary films highlight important events and people in the sports world. Some of them aren’t as famous as others like Jimmy “the Greek”, Tim Richmond and Chris Herren but their impact is still the same.  My top 5 as of right now would be Fab 5, Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks, You Don’t Know Bo, Benji and Youngstown Boys. What are some of your favorite sports documentaries? If there were any future documentaries that should be done what topics would you discuss?

Some sports topics that I think should be future 30 for 30’s are:


  1. The James Harden Trade to Houston
  2. The evolution of the Big 3
  3. The Bulls Dynasty
  4. The blocked NBA trade where Chris Paul would have went to the Lakers
  5. LeBron going back to Cleveland
  6. The Hood Legends that never make it to the pros
  7. AND 1
  8. Sportscenter
  9. The Year of 96 (NBA, NFL and MLB Draft)
  10. SpyGate
  11. Alex Rodriguez
  12. The Madden Video Game
  13. Sports vs. Fantasy
  14. Malice at the Palace
  15. The re-alignment of conferences in college sports
  16. The Brady Rule
  17. If Floyd Mayweather retires 50-0
  18. The Golden Years of the Slam Dunk Contest
  19. Tiger Woods
  20. Hurricane Katrina and the Superdome
  21. Herschel Walker trade
  22. 92 Dream Team
  23. Best NBA Draft Class ever
  24. Penn State scandal
  25. Sports Talk Radio (ESPN First Take, Numbers Never Lie, Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption)
  26. NFL Concussion
  27. Bounty Gate
  28. If Cleveland Cavaliers win a title with LeBron
  29. The legend of Johnny Football
  30. The death of the Heavyweight division in boxing

Any other sports topics that deserve to be a future ESPN 30 for 30 or just a sports documentary period?




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