Story of a Different World


To the girl that I met in college/ Trying to acquire knowledge/ brokered with stocks to make some dollars/ Smart as one of them scholars/ Can hang with the big wigs and their collards/ Without wearing a big wig and smelling like collards/ Piecing the puzzle together creating collages/ As I acknowledge your style kid/ don’t have a lot of mileage/ pat myself on the back for what I did/ Form something special like a collage or pic stitch/ Of us at a picnic/ or of this trip/ or do you remember this shit/using it as a guide for her wardrobe/ whether a peplum or backless/ No lines but she’s my favorite actress/ curves like the stitches of a mattress/ doesn’t play games so no need for practice/ laying her on this apparatus/ looking at my phone to update my apps status/don’t know what you have until it’s gone using Janis tactics/ Looking at her face adding pallets to her MAC list/but she’s the only one so I’m Mac less/ If it’s a crime then it’s entrapment/ stuck to her like an attachment/ because the fact is/ when we match wits/ crunch the number like mathematics/ got the key like a blacksmith/ it’s a triumph like inspectah deck and his wu track jackets/ now I can to go the peaceful place knowing I can touch the flesh of the only woman that has made me weak and strong at the same time/ to the woman in the kitchen cooking up ideas as her man sit on the IKEA plotting on how much he need her/ She’s freaking the recipe/ To fill up the rest of me respectively/ in my mind telepathy/ she’s selective  see got my hand raise saying select me please/ After we’re thru I’m not sedated/ more like resting see/ I’m elated that I was patient instead of going after all 4 on elimidate and get eliminated/ going after the wrong one feeling all jaded/ instead of standing on top like hair that’s faded/ Seeing her face when I say honey we made it/ And that’s before seeing her naked/ her standing there with the decision to give me the permission to go fishing until I end up missing entering the 36 chambers like a shaolin kitchen/ She say don’t be shy go in stop bitching/ She’s my drug  and the prescription just adds to my sickness for her fluid creates an euphoria/ Got me feeling like the king staying at the Astoria because I’m coming in America/ her independence, her freedom, her ability to fight has put me on flight where the tunnel vision of her is the only thing in sight/ But I don’t mind this plight/ Because if loving her is wrong then I don’t wanna be right/ After we finish all we can say is good night

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