Tossing and Turning


Tossing and turning/ Kid kicks me in the sternum/ or in the back to make room/ as she tries to groom/ me with the sharp pains that constantly hit my pregnant wife/ these are the days of my present life/ But this night was different/ for instance the distance between me and her was infinite/ nothing significant/ wasn’t belligerent/ the difference  between night and day/ Al. B Sure to take notice/ how some things are bogus/ can’t breathe the same air like I got a nose lift/ but I keep pressing on/ dropping the family off at their destination/ wishing there was a desk waiting/ phone calls to answer/ things getting hot this is a sign cancer but I’m just a little helper like prancer/ sleighing across the city as everyone else brings gifts/ Not just for one day but once every 2 weeks/ like a nigga after leaving the gym I’m too weak/ going on day 14 so about 2 week/ starting to become a routine/ not smiling thinking I’m too mean/ filled with envy because I’m too green/ Grass needs to be cut to remove the snake you’ve seen/ channeling 08 Barack cause it’s time to dream/ instead of 2 chains it’s 2 dreams/ Putting my body through physical activity on a daily basis/ just to go to places/ and see their faces/ when they say they lose weight kid/ whether it’s the gym or insanity/ I press my body to the limits/ boxing with the best like robin givens/ to get the nutrition/ that helps me lose the ricky, Ronnie, mike, ralph and bobby I meant new edition/ they say it would be tricky, beyond me, type bout that would make me quit but not me that’s the new prescription/read between the lines as I prepare for the new addition/ family wise can’t let family die/ stuck my peter in her lotus oops I meant lois now I’m a family guy/ whether it’s me coming home or going to homecoming they say I’m losing weight like fit club/ hopefully this isn’t the only way I get love/ Teeth clinched like I bit cuz/ ready to fight for this put my fists up/ despite my gripe I continue to fight as I type and search for a job that’s right/ I log into my account as I count the email that’s reads in detail/ how I can buy retail once I talk to this female/ my body have been trained to work but right now it derail/ going up and down like weight on the scale/keep going because I don’t want them to see me fail/ I check the websites because my career level is still a rookie/ I continue to build her/ As I proceed to indeed I just want to be simply hired/ Because I’m simply tired/ of having to roll the dice/ locking knees with Lockheed or the D-o-D/ change the vowel now I’m a D-A-D/ but for now it’s unemployment and the 860/ Gotta do something to change the pace quickly/

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