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Last night was an action packed drama filled with suspense and a climax that even Shonda Rhimes couldn’t even ponder. No, I am not talking about the rebirth of 24; I am talking about the Super Bowl between New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. This game had cliffhanger after cliffhanger but as Jim Valvano once said, ‘Don’t give up, don’t ever give up” and dammit if those Patriots ain’t give up. I wonder if Josh McDaniels called the Annexation of Puerto Rico for that Julian Edelman catch. Patriots must have watched the Jim Valvano ESPY speech while Atlanta was planning to visit Magic City with the trophy. I wonder is Michael Vick smiling on the low because if anybody was supposed to bring a championship to Atlanta it was that guy. Nevertheless, this game will go down as one of the greatest games in sports history. Some say that I may be a prisoner of the moment but overcoming a 25 point lead after the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history was only 10 points is nothing short but amazing. You don’t even come back from that deficit even in Madden because you pass the sticks after being down 21. We can go on and on about the game but as time goes on the question you will ask yourself was where was I when this game was played.

Earlier that day, we were solidifying Super Bowl plans. I got a phone call from my big brother about the game and here was the conversation:

Brother: yoooooo

Me: yooooo

Brother: what it is?

Me: aint shit

Brother: just checkin in. in or out?

Me: I’m in

Brother: aight bet

Translation: What’s good yo? How are you and the kids? You already know the Super Bowl is going to be at my house? Are you coming?

So I’m at my brother’s house and the spread is out of this world. Shout out to Mike Miller for being the grill master. Shout out to Cook for making drinks, shout out to Wylie for opening up his house for this occasion. It was standing room only and nothing but profanity and jokes throughout the whole game. All types of side bets going on. Case in point, one guy wears his authentic Michael Vick jersey makes this bet:

“If falcons win you have to burn that autographed Bill Belichick hoodie and if the patriots win I will burn the jersey”

In my mind I was like what the fuck are you thinking. The Patriots are down 28-3 in the 3rd quarter and Matt Ryan is moving the ball. But like they say the game ain’t over until the clock strikes 0. Don’t give Tom Brady any additional time. Stick to the script but of course this is why you play the game-Chris Berman voice. First the Patriots scored to make it 28-9 and it stays there because Gostowski misses the extra point. Punt after punt turns into the execution of Atlanta’s chances to win the Super Bowl because Tom Brady ran 29 plays which resulted to 24 first downs. Tom Brady went Tom Brady while Matt Ryan went Matt Ryan. As Matt Ryan began to struggle, everybody starts to say and you think Matt Ryan is better than Joe Flacco. Leave it to some Baltimore niggas to mention Joe Flacco during the Super Bowl. Patriots kick a field goal and the whole time the crowd is going crazy.

One Patriots fan: “What the fuck Belichick. Go for it. It’s the Super bowl”

Another Patriots fan: “in Bill we trust”

Then the unthinkable happens. Patriots go for the onside kick and Atlanta recovers so you just knew the game was over; however, the Patriots stop them and they get the ball back. Then it’s 28-20. Then it’s 28-28. Are you kidding me-Reggie miller voice. This game which was declared over by everyone has this house going nuts and” I’m so happy to be here. This is the greatest day of my life”- African yo from coming to America voice. You can never bet against Tom Brady and dammit if he proved that statement correct with this game. Overtime begins and guess whaaaaaaaat. Tom Brady gets the ball and if he scores a touchdown this turns into the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Play after play first down after first down, Tom Brady is becoming closer to immortality. The grill is relighted because somebody shit is getting burnt tonight. People are furred and you can’t hear anything but loud noises and grunts. Then the toss play seen around the world as James White hits the corner and the referee puts both hands up to signal touchdown and pandemonium ensued. Everyone jumping up and down, all the Brady haters sitting in their seat slumped over like someone dope fiend leaning down Lexington Market and the rest is just in pure shock. Face it as a football fan this is the type of game you want to see all the time. Even if you don’t like Tom Brady you have to respect his gamesmanship and his clutch gene is on super saiyan.

Is Tom Brady the greatest player ever? Did New England wins this game or did Atlanta choke? What was Kyle Shanahan thinking? Should Brady retire? These were all the questions that we discussed as we parted ways with plates upon plates of food but before we left for the night we all went outside to see this Michael Vick burn. Sure being at the Super Bowl but being here at this moment can’t ever be replaced. 10, 15, 20 years down the line when the game is all futuristic us adults will be in our 50’s still talking about how this game was on and Tom Brady certified himself as the GOAT. What a time to be alive. So the question remains, where were you?


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